Only Europeans can celebrate the 25th Anniversary of The Legend of Zelda with a special Nintendo 3DS bundle.

Ready to feel old? The first Legend of Zelda game came out 25 years ago on the 8-bit Nintendo system originally called the Famicom in Japan. I remember seeing the gold plastic cartridge at my friend’s house and coveting its gateway into a world of swords, fairies and octoroks. To commemorate the occasion, Nintendo is rolling out a bundle pack of the remake of Ocarina of Time with its star-crossed 3DS handheld etched with the symbol of Hyrule in gold. The package will be available in Europe on November 25th, and will cost €199, with a £169.99 price tag likely in the UK.

I loved Ocarina of Time in the 90s, and the remake in 3D is a loyal update to the game without altering it too much. The timing of this new limited bundle getting on store shelves “just in time for Christmas” on November 25th is no accident. I’m sure Nintendo hopes that the bundle will help to sell some units, because even a price drop hasn’t made the handheld get into the hands of customers.

If Zelda can’t sell a 3DS, I’m not sure what can.

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