EVE Collabarative Movie Knocks ‘Em Dead


Storytelling in EVE Online has been going on for sometime now, but one fan got that little bit extra when he asked CCP for help.

CCP seem to be writing the book on good customer service at the moment, so it’s not unusual to see another story on its strong ties with the community.

Case in point, an EVE Online player named Dire Lauthris was trying to make a fan movie to show the Caldari-Gallente war (part of the backstory) and ran into trouble locking down the actual history.

He wrote to CCP asking if there was any extra details he could have missed and it shared a lot more than that. Namely, an invitation to CCP’s office, one of its employees narrating the story for him and access to CCP’s professional movie making equipment.

The end result, “Day Of Darkness II”, puts a lot of Hollywood blockbusters to shame, and provides a fitting testament to what can happen if fans and devs unite for a noble cause.

Source: Slashdot

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