EVE Online Dev Closes Its San Francisco Office, Loses Two Executives


EVE Online studio CCP Games is closing its San Francisco office in the wake of the World of Darkness cancellation.

CCP Games had already seen staff layoffs on the road to the cancellation of its World of Darkness project. Now the studio is closing its San Fransisco office entirely. According to CCP’s latest financial statement, the closure is an attempt to “merge and streamline” operations now that its horror MMO has shut down.

More surprising however, is news that CCP Games is also losing its chief financial officer and chief marketing officer. Joe Gallo and David Reid have stepped down from their positions for unrelated reasons. Reid later tweeted that the constant travel demands were too difficult, while CCP stated that Gallo chose to leave voluntarily.

“As part of our plans to combine and simplify our business in key operational company, we will soon say goodbye to two of the Company’s management,” said CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson in the report. “Joe Gallo and David Reid [have done] a great job for the CCP and I wish them all the best for the future.”

CCP currently maintains the online-only games EVE Online and Dust 514, and is also working on the Oculus Rift launch title EVE Valkyrie. The studio has also stated that it will stop producing large-scale EVE Online expansions to focus on more regular updates.

Source: CCP Games, via PC Gamer

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