EVE Online Developer Seeks Player Help With Lag Issues


Do you play EVE Online? Are you sick and tired of lag affecting your fleet battles? Do you have some free time on Saturday? Then CCP wants your help!


EVE Online has built a reputation for being different from most other MMOGs. Aside from the fact that the in-game currency wound up being worth more than Iceland’s actual money, stories of virtual crimes crossing over into the real world and the fact that the game is based on a single server have managed to keep it in the public eye.

One of the problems with operating on a single server, though, is that in-game lag is a major issue the developers have to work to overcome. Apparently the lag’s been a lot worse since the Dominion expansion launched in January.

CCP Tanis is hard at work to take care of the problem, and they’re now asking players to help them get to the bottom of things. It turns out that when too many players gather in one area (like they would, say, for an epic space battle), the lag is particularly noticeable. As a result, CCP is going to be running a testing session this Saturday and is looking for a few good men to help out.

This Saturday, May 29th, the test will take place between the hours of 20:00 and 21:00 EVE time. The test needs at least 300 pilots to show up in the area, but 500 would be more ideal. Information about test itself, as well as how to access its server is available on the EVE Online forums.

Source: Massively

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