Every in-game book from Oblivion has made its way into one fascinating collection.

Reddit user notadoctoreither was fascinated by the books of Oblivion which included everything from romances to the history of Cyrodiil. There was just one problem: Reading them all on a TV or monitor was kind of a drag. So he did what any overly-industrious gaming fan would do, and has collected 257 in-game books into one massive tome.

“I thought it’d be nicer to read all the great in-game books from a real book,” explains notadoctoreither. Which seems easy enough until you realize the sheer enormity of the task of printing the books themselves then the job of binding the book by hand. The 952-page volume took three years to plan of planning (one and off) and a solid month of construction to complete.

Oblivion has a massive modding community that is still quite alive and strong, which is saying a lot for a game that has been around since 2006. Notadoctoreither has gone one step beyond the traditional mods and has created this collection that any Oblivion fan would pay a sizeable amount to own or just read.

With Skyrim’s release on the horizon there’s going to be a whole new slew of in-game books that are just begging to be collected and put into a collection of their own.


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