Critter Crunch, a PSN puzzle game with a despicably adorable art-style and beautiful hand-drawn animation, boasts one of the most gross gameplay conceits in recent memory: you barf, and barf, and barf.

Nature is gross. Barfing is gross. Barfing is nature. Plenty of animals out there feed each other by barfing into each others mouths. That’s what Critter Crunch, a puzzle game coming to PSN this summer and developed by Capy, is about. It’s about barfing.

In Critter Crunch, you control a cute little, uh, critter with puny little stumps for legs. The object of the game, like a lot of puzzlers, is to line up like-colored objects to clear them out of a field and earn goodies – except the objects in this game are cute animals, and you clear them by feeding them other creatures lower than them on the food chain. You do that by sucking them up and then regurgitating them. In other words, barfing.

“It’s exactly as cute as it is horrible and sad, just like nature itself!” said Kris Piotrowski, creative director at Capy, about his game. See even if the game flaunts a sickeningly cute aesthetic, fluid hand-drawn animation and some gorgeous 1080p HD visuals, it’s not going to hide that it’s about something totally gross. In fact, it flaunts it.

Critter Crunch will feature adventure and puzzle modes, as well as local and online multiplayer (versus and co-op), and will support trophies. Look for it some time this summer, and marvel and how adorable it is in the trailer here.

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