This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Evil Genius 2: World Domination.

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Speaking as an extremely clever person, I feel a bit personally attacked by the concept of an “evil genius.” Anti-intellectualism is rife in the world today, encouraged no small amount by a media concerned that their advertisers’ claims that their breakfast cereal induces hallucinogenic bliss in woodland creatures might not hold up to rigorous academic study. Well, let’s see how far your fucking street smarts and common sense get you when you need someone to figure out how to turn a city-sized clod of oceanic waste plastic into drinkable water and hospital-grade insulin. Just because I’m smarter than everyone else doesn’t mean I look down on people. Someone has to make my sandwiches. Just because I can envision a vastly more efficient society with myself as absolute dictator doesn’t mean I want to go to that amount of trouble. Just because I ordered the installation of an oubliette in my basement doesn’t mean I have sinister intentions for it, so stop asking questions and get your jackhammer out, Frank. But I digress. Evil Genius was a base building management game from the before times about being a James Bond villain plotting to take over the world.

Yahtzee Croshaw
Yahtzee Croshaw is a British comedic writer, video game journalist, humorist, author, and video game developer.

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