Could publisher Deep Silver already be ready to show off their newly acquired IP?

THQ spokesperson Danny Blison revealed that work on Saints Row 4 had already begun back before Saints Row: The Third was even released. But given that THQ recently collapsed, and the Saints Row property was been sold to a new publisher, people assumed that we wouldn’t be seeing a sequel to the GTA-a-like sandbox action game any time soon. However, recent Twitter comments from Chris Stockman, the design director of the original Saints Row game, suggest that Saints Row 4 may be closer than we thought.

Publisher Deep Silver has not announced any details about the new title as of yet, including which platforms it may be released on. Despite this, Stockman says the game will be released for current generation consoles in late August. We previously learned that Enter the Dominatrix, which was originally planned as an expansion pack for Saints Row: The Third will instead be included in the next Saints Row game.

Grand Theft Auto V was recently delayed to a September 2013 release date. If this information is accurate, it would put Saints Row’s release a full month ahead of it’s main rival.

THQ recently sold off the majority of its assets, including the Saints Row and Metro properties to Deep Silver parent company Koch Media. Deep Silver most recently published Techland’s Dead Island.

Source: Twitter

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