Perish Item42 rogue-lite FPS dark fantasy Elysium

Item42 provided a fresh look at its eye-catching shooter Perish during The Escapist Indie Showcase today. Scheduled for release towards the end of this year, the game riffs off Ancient Greek mythology, with players battling hordes of monsters and lost souls as they strive for Elysium.

The journey takes place on Purgatory, an ascending battle platform, where the player must complete 12 tasks, ranging from puzzle-solving to combat prowess, to assume their place among worthy souls. In typical rogue-lite fashion, death is one of the most significant obstacles, resetting progress each time. However, players can increase their chances of success by banking earned currency and buying persistent upgrades.

After setting an atmospheric scene, the reveal trailer shows off fast-paced gameplay and an arresting, stark aesthetic backed by a thumping heavy metal soundtrack. The footage shows off an ornate revolver as the first weapon, as well as a highly varied arsenal of rifles, melee weapons, and spears that serve in both combat and traversal.

Although the trailer does not show it, Perish has been designed with cooperative play in mind, allowing up to four players to battle the hordes together.

Today’s showing is the first display of the game since Nick spoke to Item42 developers Bret and Regan Ware last year, and the changes from then to now are substantial.

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