Experience Black Friday Lines From Home With Waiting in Line 3D


Punch yourself to stay awake and keep your place in line in the free “anti-game” from developer Rajeev Basu.

Black Friday is synonymous with lines and tragic retail violence, and thanks to developer Rajeev Basu you can now experience both from the comfort of your home. Waiting in Line 3D, released November 25, is a browser game that visually looks like Doom and plays like, well, waiting in line. Players must balance their health with staying awake, because the only option for keeping yourself from falling asleep and losing your place in line is punching yourself in the face. Players can shift idly in line, looking back at the people behind you or gazing up at the slowly moving clouds. I almost managed five minutes.

Carol Off from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) interviewed interactive developer Rajeev Basu about the game for As It Happens. Basu calls Waiting in Line 3D an “anti-game”, saying, “The aim of this game was to create something that was so un-fun, and un-interesting, that it might come back full circle and you might want to stick with it and see what happens. You need a real iron will, I think, to get even a single point in this game.” Asked if there was any way to earn points at all in the game, Basu answers, “There is, but you have to stick it out for quite some time.” Basu told the CBC, “Most people last a couple of minutes. I’ve seen people tweeting their scores, one person lasted 12 minutes, one lasted 27 minutes.”

Waiting in Line 3D joins Desert Bus in contention for being the most boring game of all time. Widely regarded as the worst videogame of all time, Desert Bus is a mini-game from the never-released Sega CD game Penn & Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors where you drive a bus endlessly between Tucson, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada,. Every year, the LoadingReadyRun sketchy comedy group operates a charity fundraising marathon, Desert Bus for Hope, playing the game to raise money for Child’s Play Charity. This year, they raised $523,348, bussing for six days and eleven hours. Perhaps someday we’ll see a Waiting in Line 3D charity marathon.

Source: Waiting in Line 3D official site, via CBC

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