Expo Fighter - Reggie Fils-Aime

Wanna get noticed in the gaming industry? Create a game aimed solely at those who write text just like this.

E3 remains the biggest videogame conference of the year (if perhaps only in terms of mindshare), yet it’s still largely an industry-only affair. Not that what happens there is a huge secret, and the public can attend if they’re willing to shell out an unreasonable amount of cash, but unless you work in the industry your boss will likely never fly you down to Los Angeles for the event.

As such, we’re wondering exactly who Expo Fighter has been built for. The game is somewhat akin to Street Fighter, only instead of Ryu, Ken and all of Capcom’s other favorite stereotypes, Expo Fighter is populated by people like Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime (see attached, hilarious screenshot). Further, the game itself is rife with industry references. Whether or not that appeals to you hinges heavily on how much time you spend poring over gaming news.

Have a look at the title’s official description:

The stage is set for the greatest battle in video game history… the battle for market share! The PC Master Race has enslaved the citizens of Earth and declared the one console future is upon us… the question is which console will it be?

Enter THE EXPO, a gathering of champions from the many splintered factions of the console market. Battling for the honor and survival of their company these fighters must use anything and everything to secure ultimate victory. All peripherals are allowed!

EXPO FIGHTER is a free to play web browser fighting game pitting video game industry inspired characters against one another. EXPO FIGHTER is planned for launch June 1st 2013.

Key Features
– Play as characters inspired by your favorite game industry personalities as you battle to decide the fate of the console wars!
– Online play featuring solo and faction based rankings
– Fighting system with strongly defined character match-ups yet still giving the player freedom to freestyle within those boundaries. Think SSF2T meets SF3:3S.
– Re-Imagined parry system and chainable ex attacks
– Arcade stick/Controller support
– Many other E3 Inspired references and Easter eggs

Like I said, Street Fighter for the gaming industry set.

As that synopsis states, the game launches on June 1. However, if you don’t want to wait, you can play the current build of Expo Fighter by visiting the game’s official site.

Before you rush off to punch virtual Reggie, humor me for a moment: Having read all of this, and now knowing what Expo Fighter is, how many of you are actually into this idea? I see this game and instantly recognize the references, but that’s part of my job. Do those of you who have careers in the real world care about E3 to the point where you want it to be a virtual kumite?

If so, are all of your desires so bizarrely specific?

Source: Expo Fighter

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