Extra Credits Team Debuts New Video Series “James Recommends”


You may remember Extra Credits from its time on The Escapist. If so, you’ll want to check out a new video show from the creators of that series.

A new video series has debuted featuring Extra Credits creator James Portnow, where he takes to YouTube to offer up his suggestions for independent games to play. The inaugural episode of “James Recommends” focuses on a “dark, atmospheric Puzzle Platformer” called The Swapper, where Portnow said the game should best be played in the dark, late at night when you can “get immersed in the dark quiet world.”

Portnow’s Extra Credits used to run on The Escapist and he has a large following of fans. If you are already a fan, check out the new series. If not, check it out anyway, since the series is all about playing interesting games you may not have heard of before.

And you like games, right? Right???

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