A sizzle trailer does a release date drop for many big upcoming 2023 Netflix films, including Chris Hemsworth Extraction 2 and Millie Bobby Brown Damsel.

After it hit its true first bumpy patch in 2022 as the streaming wars really geared up and subscriptions fell for the first time ever, Netflix is looking to assure us all that we’ll want to continue paying it for the movies it’s making by releasing its 2023 teaser trailer. The trailer takes us through a full year of releases, offering a specific 2023 release date for Netflix movies like Chris Hemsworth’s Extraction 2 and Millie Bobby Brown’s next film for the platform, Damsel. There’s also comedy, drama, and even animation. Plus, it promises this isn’t all.

This is our first look at plenty of these films, which are in various degrees of production. Possibly the biggest one, outside of Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon, is Extraction 2. The movie is a sequel to Netflix’s massive pandemic hit Extraction, which saw fantastic numbers for the streamer but had the inconvenient ending of the hero, played by Chris Hemsworth, possibly dying. Well, clearly death isn’t an issue as he’s back again throwing axes in the snow.

We also get a peek in the 2023 Netflix teaser trailer at its new fantasy film, Damsel, which sees Millie Bobby Brown as a dutiful princess who discovers that the prince she married actually just wants to sacrifice her to a dragon. There’s furthermore a look at Adam Sandler’s Murder Mystery 2, his next comedy for the streamer that an unexplainable amount of people watch, and a new action film with Gal Gadot called Heart of Stone. Basically, if you want a genre, famous person, or director, “They’re at Netflix,” seems to be the going message here. Oh, and don’t forget that it’s bringing Luther back with the movie Luther: The Fallen Sun.

What’s mostly missing from this trailer are Netflix’s Oscar hopefuls. The streamer has plenty of big movies lined up geared toward winning this year, but it isn’t showing them off here. In fact, none of the films it has listed for release in the drama category make an appearance in the trailer. That’s not to say that only dramas get Oscar nods, but clearly, this is the trailer to pull the masses in, not the Oscar voters. Of course, with streamers tightening their belts as the market contracts, we may also see Netflix stop gunning for those awards, instead focusing on the films that put butts on couches. It’s been trying hard for years to come out a big winner and never has, so its focus may shift entirely.

So which release dates would you really care about? Well, according to Netflix these are the 2023 films that you’re definitely going to want to save the release date for as they show up in this trailer:

You People – January 27
Your Place or Mine – February 10
Luther: The Fallen Sun – March 10
Murder Mystery 2 – March 31
The Mother – May 12
Extraction 2 – June 16
They Cloned Tyrone – July 21
Heart of Stone – August 11
Lift – August 25
Damsel – October 13
Pain Hustlers – October 27
The Killer – November 10
A Family Affair – November 17
Leo – November 22
Leave the World Behind – December 8
Rebel Moon – December 22

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