Fable mastermind Peter Molyneux has hinted at a full digital release for Fable 2 over Xbox Live.

“I think it would be a great thing for this studio to work on,” Molyneux told Pressed for more details, he remarked that “I can’t say anything else on it – I would be killed to death.” Yeesh.

With publishers finding themslves increasingly frustrated by their options at retail, fully downloadable high-profile titles could become fairly commonplace in the not-too-distant future. The PlayStation Network already has its own fully downloadable big name titles in the likes of Warhawk and Burnout Paradise, but Microsoft has yet to jump into the deep end of the digital download pool.

The success of the original Fable as a download over Live’s Xbox Originals service may come as encouragement to Lionhead and Microsoft.

“It did really, really well,” Molyneux said. “It was one of the highest selling, if not the highest selling, Xbox Originals titles. I didn’t track that exactly, but I know a lot of people got very excited about it when it came out.”

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