Fable 3 Features John Cleese As Butler


Peter Molyneux dropped some details about Fable 3, the biggest reveal of which is that John Cleese will be playing your butler.

At GDC 2010, Peter Molyneux gave a panel called Intuitive Design. He joked that he had to call it that so that GDC would let him talk about Fable 3 during a panel. Molyneaux introduced a lot of details on the new touch system and the emphasis on story and action, but the best tidbit was that John Cleese is providing the voice for your slightly sarcastic butler.

In attempt to move away from 2D lists and menus, Fable 3 has a 3D graphical user interface that you can access at any time. For example, you have a dressing room which you can enter to change your clothes.

“If you find new clothes, they go into your dressing room. And we have a character in here – am I talking about this? Am I making this announcement?” Molyneaux asked lead designer Josh Atkins. “We have a character in here, he is your butler. He is like a cross between Jeeves and Gordon from Batman. We were really inspired by this idea that were making a Monty Python-esque humored game. A lot of people talked about Fable 2 having his crazy Monty Python humor.

“So we went out and got John Cleese as your butler,” Molyneaux said to a massive wave of applause from the audience of game designers.

Unfortunately, we were not able to hear any Cleese-isms at the panel as they are still locking down the rights, according to Molyneaux. But Cleese has been recording a massive amount of dialogue and Molyneaux said that he will offer advice on your apparel, somewhat sarcastically.

“Message for you, sir.”

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