Fable 3 Starts Off With Tough Decisions


Peter Molyneux wants you to know that Fable 3 is going to be great, and the game is going to force you to make a devastating choice early on.

The Fable games, up to this point, have always featured a massive decision at the end of their stories. These moments hinge on how your actions – selfish or noble – affect both your character and the game’s world. Fable III, however, is set to include a such a moral quandary at the start of the game.

Speaking at the Eurgamer Expo 2010 this morning, Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux revealed some details about the game’s plot and how it forces players to figure out just what type of a character they’re playing.

“Within the first 10 minutes we give you what we think is an equally big decision at the start of Fable III,” Molyneux said. “We’re doing that because we want to establish your character. If we make you care about something we can also make you hate something that you care about.”

Apparently Lionhead put this decision in the players’ hands early on because fans hated making such a tough decision at the end of of Fable II. While the decision hasn’t been made public yet, a number of game journalists got to experience it firsthand, including The Escapist’s very own Susan Arendt. It sounds like a pretty extreme moment, one that will definitely make players stop and think about how they want the game to progress.

However, Molyneux also promised that Fable III will be, “undoubtedly the best Fable there has ever been. You’re going to be totally blown away by the pace, the story, the surprises, the new levelling up system, the new cast.” It certainly sounds great, but I’m reserving judgment until October 26.

Source: Eurogamer

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