Will you save it, or burn it?

Will you save it, or burn it?

Grab your weapon, put on your armor and study up on your spells – it’s time to make virtual moral choices for fun and profit! Choose where you stand in the Fable II: What Would You Do? game!

Each day, starting on Thursday, October 9th, at midnight Eastern all members of The Escapist can visit their profile to find a new scenario displayed. Each answer shifts your alignment towards good or evil, and at the end of the game (Thursday, October 23rd) everyone that participates will receive a new badge based on their choices.

If you’re logged in, you can visit your profile page here. If not, now’s the perfect time to register!

Update: 10/17/2008

We’ve also launched our Fable II Contest, where you can enter to win a copy of Fable II, an Xbox 360 Elite, and a Samsung 37″ HDTV. Participating in the game will get you an extra chance to win on top of the badge. See the contest page for details.

Note: To count as participating, you need to answer at least 5 questions before the 23rd rolls around.

Special thanks to Susan Arendt, Slycne, paulgruberman, brice85, and Virgil for their scenario-writing services!

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