Facebook fandom reaches a new high … Or low … You decide.

Odds are that we all know at least one person whom we’d describe as “obsessed” with Facebook. However, they’re probably not as devoted to the site as this young woman, who had 152 profile pictures of friends tattooed across her arm.

The video is from YouTube user “susyj87”; not much information is available about her, other than the fact that she lives in the Netherlands. Exactly how long the tattoo took to complete isn’t entirely clear, either. The video starts off showing the initial work that was done for preparation, and then shows off the finished work “Two Weeks Later.”

On one hand, the detail work certainly looks impressive enough; this could have gone much worse if the artist hadn’t been as talented as she is (seriously, check out Failbook for examples of how badly this could have gone). That said, the tattoo seems like something susyj87 didn’t think out in advance. After all, what happens if she has a falling out with these friends or winds up with some new ones whom she wants to add to the tattoo (theoretically, she could have her other arm covered, but it seems like it’d take a while to accumulate enough good friends to do another sleeve)?

Hopefully susyj87 stays friends with these folks a while, because she’s gonna be stuck with their faces on her arm for a long time.

Source: BuzzFeed

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