Kenny “K-Strass” Strasser has been making the rounds as a self-proclaimed yoyo professional, but he’s actually just the best troll ever.

The fluff story on the morning news at Channel 7 starts out normal enough: The newscaster introduces K-Strass as a yoyo expert with a mission to teach schoolchildren about the environment. After a few minutes of particularly awkward small talk, K-Strass is given the floor to show off his yoyo-ing prowess. And that’s when things take a turn for the awesome. K-Strass wildly spins 7 yoyos and 1 string (the plastic bit fell off mid-trick) over his head like a helicopter, gets dizzy, and then promptly falls down.

It’s really difficult to capture just how hilarious this is in words, so I’ll just show you a video. For comparison – this is what a professional yoyo champion should look like:

And this is K-Strass:

I assume you can see the difference.

Even more peculiar: Nobody seems to know who this guy is. After being properly trolled by K-Strass, news station Channel 7 took it upon itself to conduct a not-so-hard-hitting investigative report on him. He’s pulled similar routines on 4 other stations and claims to be represented by Zim-Zam, a fictional toy company that supposedly hired K-Strass for his zany humor and yoyo-ing credentials. Channel 7 reporters traced the number K-Strass gave them to Joe Pickett, the guy in charge of the “Found Footage Festival,” a website showcasing odd and hilarious footage found on the web. When questioned about the connection, Zim-Zam representatives claimed Pickett was an old college friend whose phone number they were using.

Is he for real or just an incognito comedian? I think the best explanation I’ve heard so far is from a CityPages blog, which dubbed him “The Yo-Yo Borat,” though I think I’ll just call him the Faux-yo.

Source: The Week

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