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The Fallacy of ‘Replay Value’ – Extra Punctuation

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This week on Extra Punctuation, Yahtzee discusses the fallacy of replay value in video games.

The Fallacy of Replay Value in Video Games – Extra Punctuation Transcript

So I did Amnesia: The Bunker in ZP recently, which if you haven’t watched, why the hell not, it’s like five minutes of your time, what else were you gonna do with it? Oh, you want an even shorter version, do you? Look at Mr. Jetsetter here. It’s a very effective horror game doing some interesting things with organic open-ended moment to moment gameplay, in strong contrast to its rather linearly laid out predecessors, but it seems to be very overtly trying to encourage replays. In fact the end credits are barely finished rolling before a big old text box comes up saying “Why not play again?! It won’t be the same! Well it will, mostly, but we’ll move all the traps and first aid kits around!”

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