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This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Amnesia: The Bunker. (Also, our exclusive, limited-edition Adventure Is Nigh! dice are on sale now at Dice Envy! Buy them while you can!)

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Zero Punctuation Transcript

I’ll say this for the Amnesia franchise – it’s certainly one to remember. Counter-intuitively. Let’s see how much we can milk out of THAT joke. Frictional Games’ tentpole franchise that is in my view like your mum’s unsecured water bed because it’s gone quite severely up and down a few times. The first game, Amnesia: The Dark Descent was a landmark in video game horror, the second one, Machine for Pigs, less so ‘cos it forgot to have much in the way of gameplay mechanics, probably because of all that amnesia that was going around – woo! Two points! – the most recent one, Rebirth, was back on track but misstepped a little for me by taking the lid off the mysterious nature of the underlying horror a bit too much, it’s hard to still be intimidated by Cthulhu after you’ve seen him bumbling around the house in his bathrobe and underpants. But the basic formula for the games has never changed – you’re a twat who wakes up with no memory and no face, you embark upon a journey through horror mainly leading in a downward direction – or “dark descent” if you will – before finding out the horror was you the whole time, why do you suck so much you gormless no-faced bellend. Amnesia: The Bunker is trying an interesting new spin on things because while you are a gormless no-faced bellend and you do have to make dark descents, you then have to repeatedly un-descend back to the starting room, slam the door and go “For Christ’s sake, why do I never sodding learn?!”

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