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This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. (This episode is going public today on the website via YouTube due to special circumstances with the sponsor.)

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“Oh here he comes. Here comes old gloomy trousers to crash the storybook romance between Zelda and all of gaming media and widdle all over the wedding breakfast. Well go on then, Yahtzee, tell us how Tears of the Kingdom is actually bad and we’re bad for liking it ‘cos you’re such a massive cont. Rarian. Contrarian. Calm down, Youtube.” No. I was not going to say that. I think Tears of the Kingdom holds up to the highest possible standard. “Right… and now you’re going to say, because standard is exactly what it is? Bog standard? Grouse grouse, ha ha ha?” No, I wasn’t going to say that either. … “You alright, Yahtz?” Look, I’m sorry you find it so difficult to tell when I’m being sincere. But I genuinely think Tears of the Kingdom sets a new, extremely high bar. For expansion packs. “AHA!” Oh fuck you, viewer, that’s what it is. Twenty-three years ago Majora’s Mask seized the opportunity of a direct Zelda sequel to innovate on both the gameplay and narrative level, I’m not gonna get excited just because Nintendo copy-pasted Breath of the Wild and stapled Garry’s Mod onto the end of it.

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