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This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Shadows of Doubt in early access.

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Hate to go all rules lawyer on you, Yahtz, but aren’t you not supposed to review games that are still in early access? Well, let me rules lawyer you straight back because that was my rule that I invented for myself, so I get to decide the exceptions, that’s rule #1 of rules lawyering. And furthermore, I consider it strange that someone should profess to hate rules lawyering immediately before doing so, it seems to me your honour that my learned friend needs to go back and retake their rules bar exam. Shadows of Doubt is a procedural immersive sim detective game that’s in early access because it’s trying to balance more moving parts than a waiter at an overcrowded Klingon restaurant but I’m reviewing it now for two reasons: one, I played fuck all else last week because everything I tried just made me want to go back and play Shadows of Doubt some more instead, and two, relatedly, I don’t think the no early access rule should apply if I’m planning to overall praise the game. The whole reason for the rule was that anything I complain about might get patched out for the final release, but I assume the developers of Shadows of Doubt aren’t planning to patch out the good parts that people like. I mean, they’re not Activision Blizzard. OHHHHH.

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