This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Metroid Prime Remastered.

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Ah, 2002. The new millennium still fresh, Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man didn’t suck yet… uh… the death of Joseph Luns, fifth Secretary General of NATO, thanks Wikipedia. And of course the year Metroid Prime came out on the Gamecube, the first fully 3D game in Nintendo’s classic moody sci-fi franchise, so called because it was about a Metroid that was only divisible by itself and one. One ass kicking space lady, that is, in a suit of armour that appears around her body by magic, which is just as well, because she’s got a gun for an arm and that’d make it really hard to tie up shoelaces. Ah, fuck it, that’s an intro. Metroid Prime was recently remastered for Switch and finally rescued from the graveyard of classic games only playable on consoles from four generations ago that only venture from dusty attics when a birthday present is required for the nephew of a massive cheapskate. You know, I caught some shit a few weeks back for a podcast in which I called Metroid Prime Remastered basically just a visual improvement. “How dare ye,” cried the Nintendo fans. “It’s more than that! They completely redid the textures, the models, and the animations!” And then we held eye contact for a few seconds as I waited to see if they were going to actually parse the words they had uttered.

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