This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Forspoken.

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Boy, Square Enix have been killing it these last few years, haven’t they. And by “it” I mean “any desire anyone might have to play their shitty fucking games.” And by Christ have they come out swinging this year. You know how “hangry” means hungry and angry? There needs to be a word that means bored and angry. And hungry. Because that’s what Forspoken brings out in me. Hangr-ennui, perhaps. And you know, on paper the idea sounded rather appealing. Ordinary shlub from real world gets transported to pseudo-medieval fantasy land, has to take the motherfucker over. But then I realised it only sounded appealing because it’s just the plot of Army of Darkness. And Army of Darkness worked because Bruce Campbell was in it, and he elevates whatever he’s in, he’s the B-movie actor equivalent of Worcestershire sauce. In his place, Forspoken has Frey Holland, a 21-year old New Yorker who I think is supposed to come across as “sassy” but I get more of a “richly deserves a paving slab to the teeth” vibe. Her horrible quippy dialogue that’s about as funny as a quadruple amputee with itchy balls is the issue most correspondents latched onto I think but she could’ve been voiced by Brian Blessed and it wouldn’t have helped ‘cos she’s just fundamentally unlikeable.

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