This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews High on Life.

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Well, I hope we’re all finished with our elves on shelves and our relatives on sedatives because now the holidays are over it’s time to address the last few stragglers still hanging unfulfilled from 2022 like a disappointed baby on a corpse’s tit. The last significant game release I couldn’t quite stuff into last year’s schedule was High on Life, a comedy sci-fi first person shooter by Justin Roiland, creator of the popular show Rick and Morty, as well as such timeless comedy characters as… Rick and Morty. And to which he has brought his full repertoire of hilarious voices, including… Rick and the other one. Yeah, this is one of those situations where we bring out the algebra equation: if you’re a fan of X then you’ll enjoy Y because Y equals X over 2.6 recurring. Having said that, I do like Rick and Morty as adult cartoons go. I know it’s gone through the cycle a few times of being cool to like and then cool to hate and then cool to ironically like and then straight cool to like again, but I think it’s been relatively consistent, obviously not as good as it was at first but it’s not at the Simpsons level where all the voice actors sound like they’re performing with guns to their heads.

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