This week on Extra Punctuation, Yahtzee takes a look at audio logs and how games like The Callisto Protocol, after all these years, are somehow still getting them wrong by making people stop playing the game to hear them.

Extra Punctuation Transcript

It’s all very well doing video essays on big weighty topics like emotional tone and what it means to be fun and who our favourite Persona waifu is, but with the contrarian nature of Youtube commenters they always seem to lead to arguments. Of course games have to be fun. Of course tonal mishmash can be used for deliberate dramatic effect. Who the fuck sticks with Rise? She’s basically the free sample. So for the sake of bringing us all together for the holidays, I thought for this episode it would be nice to discuss something completely inarguable. Let’s talk about a universally negative thing video games persist in doing. Doing intentionally, I should clarify. A deliberate design choice that isn’t a result of bugs or hardware limitations or publisher interference that absolutely everyone hates.

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