This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Pentiment.

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Oh god, games industry, would it kill you to show a little originality now and again? I’m so sick of playing game after game about journeyman artists in 16th century Bavaria. Why don’t you ever make games about being a soldier in World War 2? Or a space marine with so many LEDs on their armoured pyjamas they look like an alarm going off in a Christmas tree shop? For the benefit of the Youtube commenters, that was sarcasm. Apologies if you already picked up on that with your keen, penetrative insight. That was also sarcasm. Anyway, yes. Pentiment is a point and click adventure game by Obsidian Entertainment, who, after The Outer Worlds succeeded in setting the world of gaming ablaze about as well as a spritzer full of slightly lukewarm water, have apparently decided to make one big last ditch effort to get some use out of their college educations before they go bust. In Pentiment, we play Andreas Maler, an artist serving an apprenticeship in an abbey in small town upper Bavaria who ends up having to investigate the murder of a visiting nobleman because the villagers are all too busy farming and the monks are all too busy knobbing each other and Columbo’s not due to be born for 400 years so your ability to write and be condescending to people make you the closest thing to a detective these reformation-era fuckwits are ever going to get.

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