This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Dead Space, the 2023 remake.

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I remain convinced we’re in a transitionary period of gaming, for as it said in the Book of Revelations “And I beheld a great beast, and with its left hand did it smite the nonprofitable live services, and with its right hand did it stealth drop a remaster of Metroid Prime for some reason, and the lord spake, ‘Yea do we officially not know what you people want anymore. Here’s some remasters of shit you used to like while we await the day we can rip off some innovative indie game that inexplicably does gangbusters.” And then of course there’s the recent Dead Space remake. “First you re-review No Man’s Sky and now this,” I hear you cry. “What’s next, Yahtz, a Greatest Hits album? A clip show?” Well, I feel justified in tackling the remake on multiple fronts – firstly, the original Dead Space and my review of it was so many whiskey sours ago I can barely remember either, secondly the remake brings enough changes that I found I had sufficient new things to say, and thirdly, the longer I put off having to do Hogwarts Legacy the more time I have to shop around for glaziers I can hire after, like, nine diametrically opposed internet communities come over and smash all my windows.

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