This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Atomic Heart.

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For additional context surrounding the game, we have an explanation of how Atomic Heart is connected to Russia.


Things have gotten awfully political lately around this silly computer game review show. First we had to take a stance on systemic transphobia because we wanted to play the twatty wizard game for twatty wizards. And now we’re playing a game from Russia. So I guess we have to make clear our stance on the war in Ukraine and Vladimir Putin’s saggy man tits. Well, perhaps not. There are plenty of people in Russia who are just as disappointed by the sagginess of Putin’s man tits as anyone else. And assuming a game has some political bent just because it comes from Russia would be like criticising Tomb Raider for refusing to address the British government’s complicity in Irish sectarian violence. So, let’s crack off with this assuredly completely politics-free review. Atomic Heart is set in an alternative mid-twentieth century where Russia is the greatest and most powerful country ever and communism rules and capitalism drools – well fucking so much for that. And this isn’t even going into how the plot centres around an upcoming plan to link everyone’s minds in a form of science fiction super communism. And obviously things go awry when all the murdering starts but I don’t think any of it was communism’s fault.

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