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This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Dead Island 2.

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Dead Island is a franchise with a history of being misrepresented by its own trailers. First there was Dead Island 1, a tooth-loosening gonzo splatfest whose trailer seemed to think it was an arty time manipulation infanticide game or something, and now we have Dead Island 2 whose announcement trailer in 2014 gave the false impression that it was actually being fucking worked on with any degree of expedience. Let’s do the usual thing and go down the list of stuff that lasted less time than the development of Dead Island 2. The Second World War. The NASA moon expedition. The average life expectancy of a St. Bernard. It’s gone through developers like a box of Curly Wurlies through dental enamel, too. The original devs, Techland, went off to do Dying Light instead, which was basically just Dead Island with bells on, then Yager had it for a while, the Spec Ops The Line lads, but I guess they had a PTSD flashback at some point and stopped responding to emails. Then it was given to jobbing developer Sumo Digital, the guys who made Crackdown 3, ouch, and finally ended up with Dambuster Studios, who made Homefront: The Revolution. Double ouch and a stubbed toe.

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