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This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Dredge and Tchia.

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So, the connecting theme that I’ve extracted from my unpleasant rectum for today’s double bill is “island life.” Because we have two games that represent the two faces of remote island living. On the one side there’s the unspoilt scenery, lovely weather, exotic wildlife and friendly people, and on the other hand there’s watching your lower half disappear into an oceanic monstrosity that looks like its midway through eating the entire cutlery section at Bed Bath and Beyond. And then some fat people take pictures of you from their cruise ship before they swarm all over your island and don’t buy any of your grandma’s bracelets. On that note, let’s start with Dredge, a game about fishing, heavy emphasis “mostly” end heavy emphasis. In Dredge you live the day to day life of a lone fisherman, sailing out upon the foamy brine, reeling in the catch, sailing home the moment the manatees start looking like they’re wearing seashell bras and starting again the next day. Gameplay loop’s simple enough – you explore and catch fish and crafting materials with a smorgasbord of timing-based challenges that play like a sample platter of the kind of fishing minigames that are the bread and butter of the massively overloaded dumpster behind a sandwich shop that is the indie cozy life sim genre.

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