Fallout 3 Fan Makes Capital Wasteland Monopoly Set


Why blow up Megaton, when you can build a few more houses and charge exorbitant amounts of rent for it instead?

Themed Monopoly sets are hardly a new idea: There’s a Marvel Superheroes edition, a Transformers edition, and several Star War editions, just to name a few. Videogame adaptations are a little bit thin on the ground however, so Dustin Clinton, a Fallout fan and artist, decided to make his own, based on the locales of Fallout 3.

The custom-made board is like a grand tour of the Capital Wasteland, with the added bonus of being able to become a property tycoon as you travel. It’s debatable whether being a property tycoon in a post-apocalyptic wasteland is actually a good thing, but that doesn’t stop the board from being absolutely stunning. As well as creating new art for the board, Clinton made new cards for all the properties, replaced the houses and hotels with bullet cases, and ditched paper money in favor of bottle caps. To top the whole thing off, he built a wooden frame to hold the board, and contain all the playing pieces.

Although he’d finished the board itself, Clinton said that he still had the Community Chest and Chance cards to do. “I plan for them to keep the spirit and humor of the originals while being very Fallout-specific and featuring drawings of the Vault Boy rather than Uncle Moneybags.” He wrote. Clinton finished the board back in December however, so it’s possible that he’s finished the cards by now.

You can look at more of Clinton’s work, as well as get a closer look at the art for the board itself, on his DeviantArt page. Clinton said that he would consider making the sets to order, so if you have dreams of owning Tenpenny Towers and the Nuka Cola Bottling Plant, it might be worth you dropping him a line.

Source: Kyozo Kicks

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