The upcoming Bethesda title Fallout 3 has raised the anxieties and anticipation of the series’ many fans, who are eager to see a title faithful to the tradition.

The Bethesda team offered Gamespot staffer Jason OCampo a first look at the title, and his impressions are overwhelmingly positive.

The game will use an updated version of Oblivion’s impressive graphics engine, but the skin and facial detail is far improved, OCampo reports.

It is also, strictly speaking, a first-person game – “but it also has a third-person camera if you like to play that way, and the camera can be moved so that it almost mimics the perspective of the original Fallout games.”

While the game “can be played like a shooter in some ways,” it uses roleplaying statistics to determine hit probability. Moreover, there is a specific targeting system accessible in a paused mode.

The game world, OCampo said, is slightly smaller than Oblivion’s and features “a few hundred characters as opposed to the 1,500” in that title, but characters will have more depth, and more voice actors are involved in the effort.

Further details about the main character and game mechanics are also revealed in this first preview.

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