Beginning February 17, a bunch of teenagers will spend more than 60 hours tearing up the Capital Wasteland to raise funds for the Child’s Play charity.

Got some free time on your hands this weekend? Check out the Fallout 3 marathon for Child’s Play, the latest addition to the “oh God what have we done to ourselves” club that begins at 5 pm PST on February 17 and runs for more than 60 hours, presumably until the game is over, all the participants have passed out or somebody dies.

This isn’t actually the first rodeo for these guys. They’ve previously run two “Halo: Endurance Evolved” marathons as well as a “Retrothon” in April 2011, raising a grand total of $2258 for Child’s Play. This time around the goal is to raise at least $2000 in a single marathon, and because the team is made up entirely of 16 and 17-year-olds [with attendant questionable judgment] they’ve come up with some interesting incentives to encourage donations, including making someone chew a piece of gum older than they are and eating “Death Sauce,” whatever that is. In case that’s not enough to pique your interest, prizes will also be awarded.

Sound like fun? Hopefully it won’t be, at least for the guys playing; I don’t watch gaming marathons to see people having a good time, I do it to watch them suffer! Suffer for the children! So here’s hoping that this will be a physically and emotionally draining and traumatic experience for everyone. Answers to questions, information about donating and more [including a link to the video stream when the action begins] can be found at

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