Fallout 4 Automatron Add-on Gets New Trailer

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Bethesda has been talking a bit about its expansions for Fallout 4 and now they are showing off the first one with a trailer for Automatron.

We’ve been getting some news about coming DLC for Fallout 4, and the first one is right around the corner. Bethesda thought you should get a look at what you are getting by releasing a new trailer.

This expansion surrounds a character called the Mechanist who likes robots and has been sending his minions out into the Commonwealth to cause some mechanical mayhem. You destroy them and then build your own, choosing from hundreds of parts, to help combat the bad guy. Think Battlebots in the Fallout 4 universe. One scene from the trailer has a robot kncoking another down, then go in for the kill. You can’t help but think “FINISH HIM” as it starts its destruction.

Automatron will be released on March 22 for $9.99 on consoles and PC, although it will come to you at no additional cost if you have the season pass. In addition, the Wasteland Workshop is coming in April for $4.99, and Far Harbor will be released in May for $24.99, again all part of the season pass if you have it. The season pass price recently went up from $29.99 to $49.99 at the beginning of March.

Future updates will have the Creation Kit, which will allow mod support, and Bethesda is currently testing Survival Mode.

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