Miss Fallout: New Vegas‘s trait system? There’s a mod for that.

One of the more controversial decisions during Fallout 4‘s development was the removal of Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 3‘s trait and skill system, instead streamlining everything into the new “perk” system. Not happy about it? Well guess what, there’s a mod for that!

Traits and More Perks, from modder Cirosan, seeks to add some of the more popular traits from New Vegas and other past Fallout titles back into Fallout 4. It also goes ahead and adds a few new perks for good measure. Check it out below:

Because of the way the mod has been built, you’ll have to go through a little bit of a work-around to activate the new traits. Players will have to craft an item at a chemistry station, which once consumed, adds the new trait.

Cirosan says a lot of this mod is proof-of-concept, so you can hopefully expect even more traits and perks to be added in the future.

Source: GameSpot

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