PlayStation 4 players will finally be able to mod Fallout 4 this month, albeit with some restrictions.

If you’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Fallout 4 mods on PlayStation 4, you’ll be glad to hear that your wait ends this month. Bethesda confirmed yesterday that the next game update will finally bring mod support to PS4. The confirmation came in a tweet from the official Fallout account.

While mods will be available on the console, they’ll be limited, just like those for the recently released Skyrim: Special Edition. That means that mods will be limited to 1 GB of storage (Xbox One allows 5 GB), and the mods cannot use any external assets – only those that ship with the game. That means that you won’t see any mods that add new models or textures to the game.

Mods will be coming as part of Update 1.8 which went live on PC today. It also includes fixes for some sound issues, a few crashes, and some issues with mods. You can see the patch notes over at The update is expected to hit consoles later this month, once it clears certification.

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