Fallout 4‘s Codsworth Can Say 300 New Names


Bethesda has released a Fallout 4 update that adds more than 300 new names to the list that Codsworth can say.

Codsworth, one of your available Fallout 4 companions, has received an update from Bethesda, adding more than 300 new names to his vocabulary. If your name is included – there were previously already more than 900 different names available – Codsworth would call you by name. From Capricorn to Cena, Elektra to Hellcat, you have a good chance of being covered. Still no “LizBro,” but that’s likely more my fault than Bethesda’s. Thanks to Reddit, there’s already a list available.

The patch – 1.6 – is now live on PC, with Xbox One coming next week and PS4… well, Bethesda is “working on timing” for that version.

Other new features in Patch 1.6 include ExitSave – exiting to the main menu creates one of these, but it will delete itself after you load it – and support for upcoming add ons, in addition to bug and performance fixes.

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