Wayside Creations is Kickstarting an all-new licensed series based on the hit dungeon crawler Legend of Grimrock.

You know about Fallout: Nuka Break, right? Now imagine something like that set in the subterranean prison of Mount Grimrock, helmed by the same creative team and written by Obsidian’s Chris Avellone. That’s the plan for Legend of Grimrock: The Series, which may or may not be a working title but is something I’m pretty excited for regardless.

Wayside Creations has taken the idea to Kickstarter, where they’re seeking $100,000 to cover the cost of production. Stretch goals will be announced in the future, but the plan at this point is to create several episodes that will ultimately be combined into a feature-length film. The studio is also working closely with Almost Human “to ensure our vision complements the world they created.”

“It’s common for independent filmmakers to stay away from high-concept genres, like fantasy and science fiction, because production costs are high, (wardrobe, landscapes, visual effects, and so forth). Because of this, the typical route is to produce horror/slasher films for an easier sale,” the team wrote on Kickstarter. “While these types of films are enjoyable, we’re more interested in creating what we really like. This is why we need your help.”

It’ll be fun to see how the filmmakers handle the claustrophobic environments of Grimrock, which are the absolute opposite of the wide-open expanses of Fallout. Keeping things interesting in its limited setting could prove to be as much of a challenge as the high production costs, but Nuka Break was awfully good so my hopes are high.

Source: Kickstarter

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