Family Org Chastises Nintendo for MadWorld


The National Institute on Media and the Family thinks Sega’s uber-violent MadWorld tarnishes the Wii’s sterling reputation as a family-friendly console.

As a kid, the worst thing an adult could tell you if they were really peeved at you was “I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed.” It was the cruelest punishment: a chastising and a guilt-trip all-in-one. Well, the National Institute on Media and the Family‘s not too happy with Nintendo about Sega’s over-the-top violent Wii exclusive MadWorld, but they’re not angry, they’re just disappointed.

“The release of MadWorld for the Wii brings violent videogames to a once family-friendly platform,” Dr. David Walsh, president of the NIMF, said in a press release. “MadWorld is another reminder that parents need to make sure they watch what their kids watch and play what their kids play.”

That’s the angry part, here’s the disappointment: The NIMF thinks that Nintendo, which has heretofore been an absolute angel, is really just letting everyone down by allowing such unabashed garbage exist on the system. “In the past, the Wii has successfully sold itself as being the gaming console for the entire family and a way to bring family-game nights back into people’s living rooms,” Walsh said. “Unfortunately, Nintendo opened its doors to the violent videogame genre.”

Walsh continued by saying that the NIMF “hopes that Nintendo does not lose sight of its initial audience and continues to offer quality, family-friendly games.” Well, just because they let one game like MadWorld on their system doesn’t mean they’re going to suddenly decide not to release the next Mario and Sonic At Disneyland, so no need to worry there.

This isn’t the first time Nintendo has caught flack for MadWorld. Last August the Daily Mail criticized the game for possibly spoiling “the family fun image of the Wii.” Of course, that was the Daily Mail, and this time it’s the NIMF. You know, the people who once said that Stubbs the Zombie, a game about a zombie who eats human brains as zombies do, promotes cannibalism.

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