Fan Developing Much Needed Skyrim Map App


The iOS application will let you browse and make notes on a hand-drawn map of Skyrim.

For all the hugeness of the world in Bethesda’s RPG, the map functionality in the game is a bit lackluster. Yes, you can zoom in, place markers and fast-travel fairly easily, but there is no way to mark a location for later exploration or remove that silly blue triangle. And like having the ability to carry every book in Skyrim with you on your Kindle, I would love the chance to look at the map when I am at work or otherwise away from my gaming rig.

Enter Dragon Shout. This application currently in development for Apple’s mobile operating system will let you explore the entirety of Skyrim from your iPhone or iPad and annotate on the map where you left that cache of iron ingots. Dragon Shout has a rudimentary website up and the unnamed developer already submitted a working version to Apple. Once it is approved, we should be able to download Dragon Shout and dive even further into Bethesda’s RPG. Oh, and did I mention that this genius application is free? Well, it is.

It looks like Dragon Shout aims to create a Skyrim social network of sorts. You’ll be able to make notes on the map for private use, but you can also share these notes with your friends. I anticipate people using Dragon Shout’s journal entries to create a sort of explorable piece fan fiction. Imagine writing a series of entries all tied to locations on the map describing your Dragonborn’s adventures through Skyrim.

I hope that Apple allows Dragon Shout to go through its approval process quickly so we can try it out. I’d also love to see an Android version, or an extension to work in a browser. Indeed, Dragon Shout has a lot of possibilities.

Source: Toucharcade

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