Fan-made “Revive” Project Breathes New Life into Battlefield 2142


Battlefield 2142 is back thanks to a fan revival project.

If you’re a big-time Battlefield fan, then you’re probably already familiar with the Battlefield 2 Revive project. It began as a group of fans who wanted to keep playing after EA shut off the official BF2 servers in 2014. It’s been running ever since, and has grown to include leaderboards, and in-game ranking system, and more.

For the last few months, the Revive team has been working on a new game to add to their offering: Battlefield 2142. The futuristic shooter had its official servers turned off a couple of years ago, but it made its triumphant, although unofficial, return on Friday.

As the BF2 Revive project has been running for a couple of years now without drawing the ire of EA, it seems likely that its futuristic cousin will be similarly ignored. If you want to check it out and play a little, you can head over to the Battlefield 2142 Revive site. There you can download the new client and see exactly what’s involved.

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