YouTube user MrStratman7 has released a video reinventing the Pixar classic Up as a Michael Bay action flick.

Michael Bay is a man of very specific talents. If you want a movie, for instance, filled with more explosions and pyrotechnics than some actual wars, he’s the guy you go to. When your goal, however, is to produce a cleverly written animated film that breaks your heart in the first ten minutes while still being entertaining for all ages, you’re probably better off looking up at the folks at Pixar.

Ever wonder what you’d get if you crossed the two?

No, we hadn’t either. That said, YouTube user MrStratman7 recently took it upon himself to give the world a glimpse at what a movie like Up would like if Mr. Bay had been the driver behind the steering wheel. Not surprisingly, the end result is overdramatic, explosion-laden, filled with Inception wahs and those weird blue-ish lens flares he seems to like so much. Also, Linkin Park’s What I’ve Done makes an appearance.

And while this was clearly made with laughs in mind, I honestly could see myself going to this movie. Granted, that might just be my pro-Up bias speaking. After all, I already know it’s a good movie and a few explosions aren’t going to change that. That said, while I don’t particularly like Bay’s films (except for The Rock), I do have to admit that they often look like a lot of fun in trailers. It only makes sense that a video emulating that would look good too. Give it a watch and let us now what you think.

Source: YouTube

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