Watch Mario and friends race for their lives as they navigate a fan’s apartment.

Even mild fans of the Mario Kart games have had that moment where the game and the real world collide. The person in front of you takes an extra second to start moving after the light turns green and you’re wishing you had a mushroom to boost past them. Some jerk cuts you off and you start dreaming of a red turtle shell to throw up their tail pipe. Politicians might fret over the influence of shooting in video games, but gamers know that it’s the kart racers you need to worry about.

Sometimes, however, it’s the real world that’s the threat to Mario Kart, a fact demonstrated in a video created by YouTube user Filipe Costa. Costa recently posted a video transforming real world environments into a brutal death maze that the cast of the original Super Mario Kart have to navigate. Whereas the game might have punished gamers with a few lost coins or a simple defeat, more than a few of the racers meet bloody ends by the time the race is done.

This isn’t Costa’s first foray into combining classic games with the horrors of the real world. In a previous video, he brought the already fairly morbid Lemmings into a similar scenario, forcing them through an obstacle course of everyday objects that prove to be just as deadly the environments they usually saunter through. Likewise, a Worms themed video transforms a table top into a makeshift battlefield that makes me really want an augmented reality Worms game.

Source: YouTube

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