Ten friends, two weeks and a heck of a lot of digital building blocks equals one flying city.

BioShock Infinite fans have recreated the floating city of Columbia in the sandbox building game Minecraft, using information gleaned from trailers and screenshots, and a dash of imagination to fill in the blanks.

The leader of the project, known as “DrKamina,” runs a BioShock themed Minecraft server called “City of Rapture,” and according to the video’s description, he and his ten-strong team worked on the project for two weeks before deciding to release the first video. DrKamina says that the map will soon be placed on its own server, which will be called “City of Columbia,” so presumably other Minecraft players will soon be able to tour it for themselves.

It must have taken real dedication – not to mention a lot of planning – to recreate the city brick for brick, and the results are both quirky and impressive. My own experience with Minecraft was five minutes spent tunnelling until I hit lava, so I can’t even begin to imagine building something so grand.

Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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