Fans Create Unofficial Star Fox Sequel

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A group of tech-savvy Star Fox fans are making their own update to the series.

It went a bit quiet on the Star Fox front after Star Fox Command on the DS – unless you count Virtual Console releases – and in lieu of an official sequel a group of dedicated fans have come together to make their own titled ‘Shadows of Lylat’.

Based on the Freespace Open engine, which does not require the original Freespace to work, the game will feature three different types of Arwing to pilot, as well as some old faces from previous games.

That’s not to say that it will be exactly how you remember though, as the FAQ for the project makes abundantly clear: “Star Fox is more of an arcade shooter, while Freespace is a simulation shooter. While the SCP allows us to do many awesome things, we won’t be able to get it just like the original games.”

That’s not the only hurdle either, as the project will undoubtedly draw the attention of Nintendo’s legal department, and they would be well within their rights to shut the project down faster than you can blink.

If ‘Shadows of Lylat’ does somehow manage to avoid a cease & desist notice, it will be playable on Windows, Mac and Linux and will be released “when it’s done.”

Source: 1up

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