Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Sequel Teased

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Some promotional art showing Blood Dragon 3: Vietnam War 2 has gotten out, featuring bipedal robots fighting aliens (in Vietnam).

The original Blood Dragon was announced last year on April Fools Day, so it’s only fitting that some info has “leaked” some information regarding a sequel this year. Jason Eisener, friend of Blood Dragon‘s creative director Dean Evans, posted a Tweet, announcing that the “Blood Dragon soundtrack by Power Glove coming soon!” Eisner’s Tweet was accompanied by the image you’ll see to the right, and while the soundtrack itself certainly looks very interesting, what is even more interesting is the image on the computer in the background, showing a wallpaper for Blood Dragon 3: Vietnam War 2.

Fans of Blood Dragon will remember that the Vietnam War 2 is an event mentioned, although never shown, in the original game, and while it clearly says Blood Dragon 3 and not the more logical Blood Dragon 2, well, skipping number 2 and going straight to 3 wouldn’t be the strangest thing in Blood Dragon.

Evans himself then followed up with the following Tweet, which showed off some sick artwork of the Vietnam War 2, featuring a giant bipedal robot fighting off the Xenomorphs from Aliens and the bugs of Starship Troopers. “This would be a killer game/movie/comic/revolution,” he said, adding the #vietnamwar2 hashtag.

While ordinarily, a logo and some artwork are far from confirmation, the very nature of Blood Dragon means we should probably keep an eye on this one, to see if it develops into anything.

Source: Twitter via Game Informer

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