Far Cry 3

Craft a deep, interesting, novel gameplay experience and people will buy it en masse. Who knew?

Ubisoft revealed its latest financial numbers a short while ago, and there’s naught there but positive news for fans of the Far Cry franchise. Of most importance is the revelation that Far Cry 3 has sold more than 6 million copies since its debut in December of last year. Cursory math breaks that down to roughly 1 million copies sold each month since it hit retail. Not too shabby, huh?

The hits just keep coming for the Far Cry team though, as the recently-released Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon – a game that could only be more 80s if it was a text-based adventure game starring a living Ian Curtis and a funny Eddie Murphy – is now described by executives as the “fastest selling downloadable title in Ubisoft history.” Again, not a hint of shab there.

Unfortunately, with this kind of success there’s always the fear that a publisher will immediately rush to greenlight as many possible sequels as spin-offs as possible so as to maximize profit. More Far Cry isn’t inherently a bad thing, but these are large, complex games that need time to be properly fleshed out. If Ubisoft rushes the production of future Far Cry sequels (as they have with the now-annual Assassin’s Creed series), we may see an unfortunate dip in the overall quality of the franchise. Fingers crossed Ubisoft doesn’t blow this one.


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