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Far Cry 6 – Zero Punctuation

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This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Far Cry 6.

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Well, hijack my helicopters, I can’t believe there’s been six Far Cry games already. Surely the concept of liberating an open world sandbox from a charismatic fuckface by clearing out base after base with a silenced sniper rifle and occasionally having to shake a mountain lion off your todger is still as fresh and exciting as a dissipating fart in a locked sauna. So what original new setting is the premise being airdropped into now, Ubisoft? Liberating a chain of remote Scottish islands from charismatic football hooligans? Liberating an antarctic research station from a charismatic penguin? No! This time you’re liberating… a tropical island! Erm. You mean like in Far Cry 3? And Far Cry 1? No of course not. You’re in the Caribbean for a start. That’s slightly more equatorial than the last two tropical islands. Probably. And anyway, this time you’re liberating the tropical island from a charismatic totalitarian dictator. Like the one in Far Cry 4? Look, if you like freshness so much, why don’t you piss off to your local Whole Foods and stick your head under the intermittent broccoli misting device? I mean, this game was made by a multicultural team of various religious faiths and –

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